The Best Vegan Wine

A friend of mine is a Sommelier and recently supplied me with 26 bottles of Vegan wine. I thought it would be fun to test them out and give my opinion on their taste for the price! See below for ratings and recommendations on wine YOU should try out! You can get all of these through Co-op in Canada. They are not all Canadian wines however FYI. 

Updated June 9, 2021 

***NOTE: I will update this page as we drink them! 😀 ***

It’s crazy that not all wine is Vegan… Wine is clarified through a process called ‘Fining” The reason that all wines are not vegan or even vegetarian-friendly has to do with how the wine is clarified and a process called ‘fining’.

Fining agents can be from isinglass, casein, albumin or gelatin. ALL derived from animals in some way… Nowadays woke brands are using agents like Bentonite and Activated Charcoal instead. Some brands are choosing to not clarify their wine at all, it clarifies on its own over time and they are letting their wines take their time. 🙂 

If I am looking for a new wine and want to know if its vegan, I rely on which has quite an extensive list. You can also check on the back of the bottle and learn about how they clarify. 

LIST OF VEGAN WINE TO TRY OUT – Pricing is approximate and in Canadian Dollars. P.S: I am NOT an expert of any kind… I just know what feels good for a relaxing night, romantic night and party night. 

  • Henschike Tilly’s Vineyard – $26 CAD
  • Wakefield Riesling – $17 CAD
  • Yalumba Y series Viognier  – $22 CAD – Husband gives this 5 STARS. I give it 3. A bit more tart than I thought it would be. Surprised he likes it so much!
  • The Hermit Crab D’Arenbert – $17 CAD – 5 STARS!!! LOVED IT. This one was the best so far! So easy to drink, we ended up having two bottles of it! Cheapest one so far too… LOL. 
  • Echeverria Cool Climate Sauvignon Blanc
  • Attems Ramato Pinot Grigio – $21 CAD
  • Otto Muri Fiano – $23 CAD
  • Zenato Lugana – $21 CAD 
  • Masi Serago Alighieri Possessioni – 2 STARS – $19 CAD – This one was alright, it was a bit tart for my taste. If you like more of a dry wine, you will like this!
  • Pratello Lieti Conversari – $21 CAD
  • Jongieux Savoie – $17 CAD
  • Jaboulet Aine Parallele 45 Blanc – 3 STARS – $21 CAD – I had this one camping with friends – It was bold and made a statement. 
  • Jaboulet Aine Parallele 45 Rose – $21 CAD
  • Montes Cherub Rose 2017 – 4 STARS- $18 CAD – Ok, this one we had last night out at the fire with two of our good friends. It was a VERY delicious, easy-going wine fit for relaxing nights out with friends. 

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